Tagaytay: Sky Ranch + Memory Lane + Etc.

The Sky Eye @ Sky Ranch, Tagaytay ~ December 2013

So the plan was, to visit Sky Ranch & ride the Sky Eye, then have brunch at Memory Lane and visit the Puzzle Mansion. Then go back at 11am to Las Ventanas for checkout.

How to get to Sky Ranch: We took a jeep from the market terminal to Olivarez, where there’s a waiting shed with jeeps that go to Nasugbu, Alfonso, Mendez Crossing. We took the Nasugbu-bound jeep, paid Php8/each. The driver will drop you in front the big red monument; cross the street to enter Sky Ranch.

Check for Sky Ranch schedules & rates here: https://www.facebook.com/SkyRanchTagaytay

Sadly, even though the park was already open, the Sky Eye would not be open till 11am. WTF. So no Sky Eye for us that day. Boo.

We took a jeep back to Magallanes Drive (Php8/each), planning to check out Memory Lane. Normally, we don’t advise taking trikes as they overprice so much and jeeps are pretty much available everywhere. But Memory Lane is located far, FAR from the main highway (don’t be misled by Google maps, as I was XD It just looks like a short walk, but it’s not.) Take the trike. Don’t follow my bad (bad bad bad) example of insisting on walking the entire way, then getting sunburned and having the sudden urge to pee in a neighborhood of residential houses o_O

Luckily, we passed by this barangay hall, where a friendly staffer cheerfully greeted us good morning & didn’t seem fazed at all by my sheepish request to use their restroom. She graciously led me to the inner office where the restroom was. It was clean & a godsend. To the people who work here, kudos 🙂

After a very exhausting walk, all the while cursing Google maps in my head, finally we spotted the Memory Lane sign. Yay! and then…we saw the sign on the window that said CLOSED. Huwaaaat?! And so we settled for taking a few photos instead, before taking another looooong sweaty hot trek back to the main road 😐

Isn’t it cute? So Christmas-y! It would be perfect…if not for the CLOSED sign XD (Bitter lang)

Super-duper cute!

Note to self: Next time, double-check operating hours, especially during holidays 😛 A manong who saw us skulking walking around the front gate informed us that it would open around 10am (it was currently a little before 9am). Thanks, but no thanks :/

So we began the long trek back, hoping a trike would pass by. No such luck. I honestly felt 10lbs lighter & about 10 shades darker as we finally reached the highway. Hubby suggested we rest a bit at Starbucks. Meh lang. Almost an hour of walking (and I woke up sooooo early!!!) just to go to Starbucks? WTF lang. But I was soooo tired and soooo hot, so go na 😛

Baby KP insisted on a photo op with the drinkies. It was too hot on the veranda for a Taal photo-op. Boo.

I did like the relatively quiet ambiance in this branch; all the other customers opted to stay upstairs, so yay 😀 I found it too hot upstairs the last time we were here so I asked hubby if we could sit downstairs instead…in front of the AC 😀

After resting our feet and cooling down a bit, we took a jeep back to Olivarez terminal (Php8/each), then another jeep to People’s Park/Picnic Grove (Php8/each). We dropped by Collette’s but weren’t particularly impressed, so we just walked back to our inn. We arrived around 10:30am, so we still had time to shower and pack before checkout at 11am 🙂


  • Las Ventanas: Would we go back? Yes, but only if they have another promo deal. At their regular price (which also doesn’t include meals or massage), there are better deals around with better accessibility & facilities, like Keni Po. Re: ambiance, Las Ventanas is perfect for couples or soul-searchers who want a secluded getaway.
  • Sky Ranch: If they’re going to have special holiday schedules, they should also post the specific schedules for the rides. I’m sure we weren’t the only ones who were disappointed that the Sky Eye wasn’t available at 8am.
  • Memory Lane: We will definitely go back there. But I will double-check their schedules first. And take a trike. LOL.
  • Starbucks: If Java Jazz was more accessible, I wouldn’t have bothered. LOL. But one has to admit they are convenient for a quick coffee & snacks, and a place to rest while seeing the sights.

Las Ventanas

Sky Ranch

Memory Lane

Java Jazz Coffee
(next to T House Tagaytay)

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