Tagaytay: Las Ventanas

Las Ventanas, Tagaytay City ~ December 2013

Date visited: 22 December 2013
Location: Tagaytay City, Cavite

Our last trip to Tagaytay was in 2010. When I spotted a great deal on Ensogo for Las Ventanas, I couldn’t resist and purchased a voucher right away 😀

The voucher cost Php1,815 for a 2D/1N stay for 2pax, including breakfast, dinner & massage. There was a weekend/holiday surcharge of Php1000, so I booked on a Sunday, before the holiday cutoff 🙂

How to get there: FYI there are no more Tagaytay/Nasugbu buses at the Araneta Center terminal. We wasted 2 hours (2 sweaty, exhausting. frustrating hours walking along Edsa) because of this 😐 You can either take your chances at the Philtranco terminal on Edsa, or go to Pasay. We opted to take a passing Dasma/Palapala bus (Php72/each), alight at Robinsons Dasma, and take a Tagaytay-bound bus (Php33/each)  from there. Las Ventanas staff recommend the shuttle at Starmall Crossing that passes by Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay road.

Because we took the *ehem* scenic route, passing by several towns in Cavite that I never even knew existed, it was already dark when we arrived in Tagaytay. From Olivarez Terminal, take the People’s Park/Picnic Grove jeep (Php8/each), alight at the City Market. Landmark is a huge Collette’s sign. Beside that sign is a small alley/side street, with a Las Ventanas tarp under the sign hidden by plant growth XD

From top left: (1) The city market where the jeep will drop you off at the terminal. Then you have to  cross the road towards the giant Collette’s sign, with the (2) Las Ventanas tarp, indicating the tiny side street leading down to the inn; (3) the steep up-and-down road. I recommend walking as the thought of taking a vehicle down that road gives me the creeps XD; (4) Tada! The Las Ventanas gate.

We crossed the road and argued about whether it was the right one. It was pretty dark and I was looking for the Las Ventanas tarp. Meranwhile, a group of trike drivers kept insisting we take a trike and/or they would take us to a hotel. Finally, I spotted the Las Ventanas tarp under the Collette’s sign, hidden by plants XD Also, a manong asked us if we were going to LV and we said yes. Turns out he was the guard, and was walking back to the inn. Yay! 😀

After a few minutes of walking past quiet houses and pineapple fields, we arrived at Las Ventanas 😀 A guy came to meet us (sorry, we forgot your name :|), asked for our printed voucher & booking confirmation, then led us to the reception hall/restaurant. We were served welcome drinks of iced tea & asked to fill out registration forms, then given the schedule for our massage. After a few minutes, a girl named Maricel led us to our room.

The canopy is so cute! Keeps out the bugs, too 😀

TIP: There are only 2 power outlets, located behind the headboard where the lamps are plugged in. We always bring an extension cord (power strip) with 3 sockets so it wasn’t really an issue. We just unplugged one of the lamps. You might want to do the same if you have a lot of gadgets/phones that need to be charged.

The shower, toilet & lavatory are separated, with a ladder opposite the sink for holding clothes, etc. There are 2 towel hooks next to the shower door 🙂

(L) The pretty lamp. (R) Toiletries provided by the inn–toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo & soap in an adorable pineapple-shaped wooden dish, plus 2 fluffy white towels

We rested for a bit before dinner, and took some photos (of course!)

TIP: Because of the inn’s garden setting, the mosquitoes are HUGE. Parang mutant lang XD Apply mosquito repellent generously before heading to the restaurant. In your room, keep the canopy closed, and either spray repellent or use katol (mosquito coil). I put one in the bathroom because I noticed a lot of tiny black bugs there. There are huge screened windows up near the ceiling so no worries about ventilation.

From top left: (1) The entrance to the casitas’ courtyard; (2) Bahay na Bato; (3) The central fountain with Bahay na Tisa in the background; (4) Bahay na Nipa. Our room is on the far right. Pardon the bad photos; my cam doesn’t work so well with night shots 😐

At a little past 7pm, we went to the restaurant for dinner. As it was free, we kept our expectations VERY low. Still, it was very hard not to be disappointed by the measly 2pcs of pechay in the nilagang baka dish :/ The broth was very good, and there was enough beef for hubby & I, but seriously…1 pechay leaf each? o_O The crispy tawilis was good though, generous large pieces, with vinegar dip. (Due to the sad state of our dinner, we did not bother taking photos. LOL.)

We tried to order pasta, but sadly, no pasta was available 😐 So we made do with a ham sandwich that we shared since it was good for two (or one very hungry person). Hubby also ate the sweet pineapple served for dessert. Lamang tiyan, ika nga XD

TIP: If you’re a fussy eater, opt to eat dinner somewhere else. If you’re not too fussy, but would prefer a bigger meal, you can order extra dishes like pasta (if it’s available), soup & sandwiches. A sandwich meal comes with a tall glass of iced tea. I forgot the prices, but they’re not too bad. Additional dishes/drinks will be billed to your room & settled upon checkout.

After dinner, we relaxed in our room and waited for our 9:30pm massage. Maricel escorted us and another couple to the massage rooms, in a house near the parking area. It was pretty, but also a bit creepy. It was dark and very quiet as all the other guests had already finished with their massages. (Sorry, we forgot to take photos of the house :|)

The massage was good. I asked for a soft massage, and the masseuse complied. I felt very relaxed, and felt she did a good job with removing the aches and pains from the arduous commute we’d done earlier. It was very soothing, especially with the drumming of the rain on the roof. Hubby actually fell asleep LOL. I didn’t time it so I don’t know if it was a full hour, but it felt like it, and I was quite satisfied 🙂

Then we walked back to our room in the drizzle because we forgot to bring an umbrella XD (Seriously, who remembers to bring an umbrella when going out for a massage?)

We read/played on our iPads for a while, then fell asleep. Bow.

More Las Ventanas photos in my next entry! 🙂

Las Ventanas

Address: Pag-ibig St., Bgy. Francisco, 1603 Tagaytay City
Email: lasventanas11@yahoo.com

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