Metro Manila: Manila Ocean Park Cheat Sheet

Here’s a handy guide to our March 2013 trip to Manila Ocean Park 🙂

How to get there: (from Quezon City) We took the LRT1 from Munoz to UN Ave. (Php20 each) then a cab to MOP for Php80. Not sure if there are jeeps in the area, but it was hot and we didn’t want to get stuck in traffic :P

TIP: If you’re going there on a weekend or a holiday (read: CROWDS), better purchase your tickets in advance via SM Tickets or Metrodeal. Then you just need to exchange your vouchers at the allocated window, instead of lining up with the rest. Kinda like the reserved tickets line at cinemas 🙂

How much to spend: It’s better to get ticket packages with several attractions, not only because it’s usually cheaper, but more convenient as well. Compare packages so you can choose only those attractions you want to see 🙂 We got a package that cost Php550 (Oceanarium, Sea Lion Show/Marine Life Habitat, Jellies). The fish spa is not included in any packages they’ve released so far, and cost Php150 each for 15-20 minutes.

Where to eat: MOP has several restaurants & snack shops on the premises that cater to every budget. We chose to eat at Makan Makan Food Village, which offers Singaporean, Malaysian, Thai, Chinese & Filipino dishes.

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