Zambales: Potipot Island, Uacon, Candelaria

Potipot Island in Candelaria, Zambales ~ June 2013

Date visited: 21 June 2013
Location: Bgy. Uacon, Candelaria, Zambales

Hubby purchased 5 vouchers for an overnight camping trip on Potipot Island via Metrodeal. Later, I realized after doing some research that we could probably have done it cheaper DIY-style since it’s just the 2 of us (minimum 5 vouchers for booking so…yeah XD).

We decided to just go ahead even if it was just 2 of us, since we couldn’t get anybody else to go. Apparently, the concept of camping wasn’t as exciting to our friends as it was for us LOL. So, we booked our date, bought our bus tickets, prepared our gear…and then the rains came. Boo. When I texted our boatman that we were scheduled for later that week, he told us it had been raining all week and it would not be a good idea to go to the island. We’d already bought our tickets, so I said we’d just see how the weather was when we got there 🙂

The day before our trip, the agency canceled our booking because of the weather. Since we couldn’t cancel our bus tickets, we decided to just push through. Bahala na si Batman. If the weather was good enough for camping, then we’d use our vouchers. If not, we could just stay in one of the resorts and hope for a few hours of good weather to visit the island 🙂

We left at 10pm Thursday night for the Victory Liner bus station in Caloocan. Only the Sampaloc & Caloocan stations have trips straight to Sta. Cruz; Cubao terminal only has trips to Olongapo & Iba. (See Victory liner bus schedules here.) I didn’t fancy taking 2 -3 buses so we bought tickets for the 11:55pm Sta. Cruz trip. Next trip is 4am, so it’s better to buy your tickets at least a day in advance, just to be sure 🙂 Tickets to Dawal (the main access point for Potipot) are Php432 each.

We arrived in Uacon, Candelaria around 4am. I started watching out for the waiting shed that was the landmark for the Dawal drop-off. I didn’t really need to, since the conductor announced every stop, but I was wide awake and had nothing else to do 😛 We got off the bus in pitch darkness; good thing we brought flashlights, as I’d already anticipated our early early early morning arrival. (Yezzz, girl scout ito! :D)

Next: Dawal Beach Resort & why we chose not to stay there; and where we stayed instead 🙂
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